Our mission

In the beginning, there was the Prime Meridian. A reference point and invisible line passing through continents, countries, cities and streets. And after a long time, this line has united IT professionals around the world to create Diseño Global Meridiano.

Just as we are all connected by these lines, IT specialists of Diseño Global Meridiano help millions of people to stay in touch every day. With the help of convenient and modern telecom services, we do our best to make communication with those who are really important to you easy and clear.
Thanks to the telecom products that we develop, you can say ‘Hello, world’ to partners in a conference meeting, arrange upcoming business negotiations with the business phone system or write a message in the chatbox.

Being together, in one way, means being connected by an invisible line of meridian, even if you are separated by time zones and thousands of kilometers!

Every day!
Wherever or ‘whenever’ you are!

Our core values

The values for us are not just words. We do not profess but we practise them. The thoughts, the words and the intentions of all out team members perfectly align with our core values. And this is something what makes us different.
Innovation leads to perfection. Perfection leads to mastery. The mastery leads to the desire to get better at something that matters… for millions of users of the products that we develop, for our partners, for our clients and for our teams, for sure.
We value the passion for work, the passion for everyday’s learning and the passion for creating bold, fantastic, cutting-edge projects! The passion for us is the fusion of creativity, independence and freedom.
We are not just see the potential in every person. We encourage to develop their potential, we show compassion and care. Our special benefit package, cool team building events, modern office in the center of Alicante and comfortable working schedule helps our teammates feel that they belong to a big and friendly community.
This is the foundation of our working process in teams, this is our inspiration and milestone. We cooperate and work together adapting to any changes and bravely facing any tech-challenges. With honesty, dignity and trust. Teamwork is our main force that helps to conquer new IT-peaks all these years!