Performance testing is a type of testing that allows you to check the operation of a system, as well as its components under any given load. This is required to determine the following characteristics:

  • speed of request processing;
  • speed of use of allocated resources;
  • stability;
  • ability to adapt to changing load levels.

Why is this even necessary? We live in an era of rapid development of technologies, gadgets and devices that allow anyone to consume content or receive services at any convenient time, on demand and as fast as possible.

Therefore, every year new quality standards appear in the world — so that users can get what they want even faster: for example, instant registration, payment, one-click purchases, hotel booking in a second or streaming 4k video. Today, system performance and speed are both critical to any growing business. In the fight for happy customers with money, every second counts. 

This is where the performance test engineer comes into play. What does this specialist do? They test, identify weaknesses and errors, provide analytical reports, and design project cases.

By the way, before contacting a performance testing engineer, we advise you to correctly formulate a request or the problem that you want to solve. This will help to find a solution faster and improve the whole system.