Java AEM developer

Required skills:
  • 5+ years of commercial back-end development
  • 2+ years of commercial Java development for Web
  • Java Web (servlets, filters, etc)
  • Maven (or other builders)
  • Web technologies stack (HTTP/HTTPS, headers, sessions, OAuth, REST, etc)
  • Basic JS/CSS/HTML
  • Understanding CI processes
  • Unix console basic user experience
  • Writing and spoken English
Great pluses:
  • OSGi, JCR
  • JMX
  • Apache web server
  • Apache Sling
  • AEM (Adobe Experience Manager)
  • Adobe HTL, Apache Sling Sightly
Main Responsibilities:
  • Java server-side development for AEM platform (Adobe Experience Manager)
  • Participation in system architecture design decisions
  • Documentation development
  • Front-end team support – development of data models/services/API integrations, coaching and best practices enforcement
  • Google driven R&D
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