Internal Mobility — what is this system, why does it look like a game, and why is it beneficial for both the employee and the employer? We answer these questions together with Yana Silchuk — our Internal Mobility Manager.

Imagine that you are a QA engineer, but have decided to become DevOps. Thanks to the Internal Mobility system, you do not need to stress, look for a new job and start your career path anew. You can continue to develop in the middle of your own company, but in a completely different role. On the one hand, you develop as a specialist and gain new skills. On the other hand, the company retains the employee and their loyalty. 

It is important to understand that internal mobility does not always refer only to a change of profession. Sometimes this happens due to stress, routine, burnout or salary expectations. In all these cases, a person most often does not want to change jobs — therefore, the company can start a mutually beneficial process and help them. 

The two popular types of internal mobility are:

  • vertical — career growth
  • horizontal — learning new skills and technologies

Our company has a series of educational events that help develop new skills. We also have career events where more experienced professionals tell newcomers how they can grow and develop.