How to pass an interview, what mistakes to avoid and where to get additional knowledge? We’ve written some tips for a novice tester who is looking for a job.

What to prepare for in an interview?

Most often, the interview goes like this:

  1. Interview with a recruiter.
    The recruiter usually gets acquainted with your resume and begins small talk. In the process of dialogue, they can assess how the company suits you, and you suit the company. Also, the recruiter can conduct a short technical interview and check your English.
  2. Test assignment.
    A test of your hard skills is carried out. To ensure that you understand and know not only theory, but also practice.
  3. Technical interview.
    Most likely, at this stage, your knowledge base will be checked. Or, they will ask about the technologies that are being used on the project where the recruitment is going. Here you should not worry if you can’t answer something, on the contrary, it is normal that you won’t know everything.

What common mistakes can candidate make?

  1. When candidates answer dishonestly, you can feel it. Never lie if you have not worked with something or do not know something.
  2. Often candidates are not interested in feedback after the interview. Feel free to ask for it. Only in this way will you receive feedback and understand what the gaps in your knowledge are.
  3. After the candidates receive an offer, many are not interested in the literature and materials required to enter the profession quickly. But, it is the best Trainee/Junior who, even before the first day of work, asks what they need to read and watch in order to quickly join the project in the best way possible.

We also share useful links that will help improve your level of knowledge:

Good luck and never give up!